About us

One Woman and Her Journey into Everyday Aesthetics = B26

B’s story begins in Prague in 1969, set amidst a colourful family where British and German Jewish culture was combined alongside relatives scattered around the globe all embedded in generosity towards any newcomer.

B’s mind continued to be shaped, expanded and at some times surprised by her growing up years in Germany.

London called in 1999 and with it came the inevitable exposure to buzz of this metropolis.

B’s mind was almost saturated and yet the soul was not. Czech Republic still dominated her thoughts.

Prague has not played the dominant role anymore – Novy Bor and its’ surrounding villages crept into her head. Hidden in the Northern part of Bohemia, where craftsmanship persisted for hundreds of years regardless towards which country the national borders were moved.

Glass blowing, glass engraving, glass painting, glass polishing all belong to the glass trade which has been withstanding the times for centuries and until today all crafts follow the traditional handmade process

Alas B26 surfaced.

B26 combines Czech-British-German heritage, respect for tradition, and support for handmade craftsmanship with an outlook on life where we should be surrounded by not many things but only those that have a story to tell and are also pleasing to the eyes whilst remaining functional.

Our products are designed in UK and hand made in Czech Republic